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There are more than 1 billion websites on the web. According to different studies, it takes an average user a few seconds to make a decision whether to stay or leave your website. Some researchers even talk about fractions of a second. What do you think a user builds the decision upon? Your website design of course.

Codcow is a website design company that provides all kinds of web design services at affordable prices and of high quality. specializes in web design services for different companies and industries. Our services include but are not limited to

  • Web design services
  • Web design for mobile
  • Design mobile app

Our website design team is able to provide a few kinds of design services:

  • Landing Page Design is very important as it can have a direct impact on your conversion rates and business results.
  • Ecommerce Design also has its specific requirements as well as traps and pitfalls — we take it all into account when designing your ecommerce website.
  • Mobile Apps Design is also crucial as many users are getting accustomed to using mobile apps. And they expect you to provide great and seamless user experience!
  • Mockups design — the Codcow web design team will provide you the best quality mockups at affordable prices!
  • Banners design — our designers at have lots of great ideas for your banners design. They will be happy to share the ideas!

Besides website design, Codcow offers branding design services which include:

  • Logo design — in the modern world it is more important than ever. Make sure that your company logo design is in the right hands!
  • Business cards — no matter what kind of business you are in, your business card design matters. Most people still judge a book by its cover. Your business card is that cover.
  • Presentation — the power of presentations is not only in the contents but also in the design. Codcow design team has significant experience in presentations design for both individual and corporate clients.

If necessary, our website design company also provides print design services. Those are

  • • Flyers design
  • • Advertisements design
  • • Brochures design

In the modern world, it is not easy to choose the right web design company. Here are some advantages and benefits you will get from working with design team:

  • Customized approach. Whatever we design, we always focus on our clients’ needs and requirements as well as high quality and uniqueness.
  • The high quality of work. Here at Codcow we work only with the best developers and expert designers. Besides, we have a detailed quality assurance process, so that your product will be free of any bugs and mistakes.
  • Business goals. The ultimate goal of any business is conversions and profit. Our designers are well aware of that. The design you will get will be in line with your business and marketing goals. In other words, our design is the design that sells.
  • Prices and deadlines. Each price has a few components. Thanks to the efficient business model we can provide you the most affordable prices in the shortest time possible! With us, you will stay on time and on budget!