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apps and enterprise apps on all available platforms from initial concept to UI/UX programming and final testing. A strong team of mibile and UI/ux designers, coders and testers allow us to take project of any complexity.
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In the recent years, the number of people who use mobile devices and mobile internet has grown significantly. The trend offers lots of challenges and opportunities for businesses. One of the opportunities is mobile apps usage.

There are lots of reasons why you should consider investing in mobile apps. Here are some of them:

  • • According to Statista, as of June 2016, the number of Android apps exceeded 2.2 million, iOS apps — 2 millions. Also, according to TechCrunch research, in 2015 the number of mobile app usage increased by 58%.
  • • Another interesting fact is that smartphone users spend almost 90% of the mobile time on apps, according to Yahoo’s Flurry. Thus, ignoring this marketing channel, you lose money and miss business opportunities.
  • • Great user experience matters! Mobile apps provide the kind of experience which is not possible with other marketing channels. It means that through apps you get more leads and better conversion rates. Here at codcow we know how to reach your marketing goals with mobile app development software!
  • • Your competitors most probably have mobile apps or plan on app development. To say nothing of big brands — those surely have mobile apps with great user experience. You’ll hardly want to stay behind. is a team of experienced mobile app developers and designers with lots of experience in mobile app development. Our developers are able to produce a great app for any of the popular mobile operating systems — iOS, Android, Windows and cross-platform solutions. 

  • • As of today, Android is the most popular mobile platform in the world with smartphone market share more than 80%.
  • • iOS, Apple mobile operating system, is the second most popular mobile platform after Android, with more than 10%.
  • • Windows mobile operating system is less common, still popular among some target audiences. 

Today, there are many mobile apps developers on the market, and choosing the best vendor is probably not the simplest solution. Here are some reasons to consider working with codcow mobile app development team:

  • Creative approach. With numerous mobile apps in our portfolio, we can offer you the best and most creative ideas for your app.
  • High quality. Our developers use only the best mobile app development software. We provide all stages of app development, comprehensive quality assurance, and testing included. 
  • Budget friendly. Thanks to the efficient business model we are able to offer our clients the best budget-friendly and cost-saving mobile app development solutions.
  • All requirements in one place. Codcow company provides mobile apps development solutions for all of the popular mobile operating systems, including cross-platform ones. 
  • • Here at Codcow we understand that the ultimate goal of mobile app development is getting more leads and increasing conversions. We’ll do all we can to create an app which will bring you customers and increase sales.