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Phases of Development


Wire Frames

Wireframe (n.) “A basic visual guide used to suggest the layout of fundamental elements in a web interface.” Wireframes are very important part of the web development process, as they help visualise your idea, before designing it. At this stage, we work closely to determine what would be the best way to layout the pages of your Website or App.


Choosing Technology

Is also very essential. How fast your project will be launched, usually depends on the technical requirements. So here you and us, will need to break down your project to modules and see what would be the best way to implement them.



Is the most creative part of the project :slightly_smiling_face: We promise to create beautiful, user friendly pages with proper call to actions. Your idea combined with creative approach of our designers – equals quality custom design.



Thats where your dedicated developer starts working on the psd to html conversion, responsive pages, tweaks and tricks, as well as engine of the website and many other details to make your website work like a champ!



Is where we determine what still needs to be fixed, enhanced, optimised and finalised. We have a team of certified testers and they love their job!


Final Adjustments

Thats where we still have space to change something with the website, before we launch it.



The happiest moment of the whole development process. At this stage, we drink champaign and celebrate launch of your outstanding project. Another happy customer on our portfolio :slightly_smiling_face:

Additional options


Technical Support

Of course, after your website is launched there is still plenty of work to maintain the product, add functionality, optimise and upgrade.



No product can survive without audience. We create marketing campaigns that work. SEO, SMM, PPC – in our hands your product becomes known and desired.


Customer Support

Knowing your visitors, assisting your customers. Being there for them when they need help navigating through your website is what customer support all about. We know how to treat customer with respect and we would be happy to do it on your behalf.

Technologies we use








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Full web development

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Today, your website means more to your business than you can even imagine. Various researches prove the point. According to estimates, there are already more than 3 billion internet users in the world. It means that almost 40 per cent of the world population go online and make decisions based on the information they get online. It’s not a secret that many potential customers visit your website before making a decision on working or not working with your company.

What makes it event more challenging to businesses is that many potential customers visit your website from mobile devices. And they expect the website to load quickly and to be displayed right on the screen they are using. What happens if your website loads slowly or is displayed with errors? The answer is not hard to guess. You lose customers. They just leave your website and go somewhere else.

For the reasons mentioned above, it is important for a business to choose a web development firm or a software development company which fully understands the importance of website for your marketing and business results.

Today most companies outsource web development, as the model is beneficial both to developers and to ordering companies. Choosing outsourcing web development versus in-house web development you get the access to development expertise, getting high quality of work and efficiency and at affordable prices.

Codcow is an outsource web development company and a web development firm which has unrivaled experience in website development. Codcow works for a lot of corporate clients from various industries which have different marketing and business goals and we manage to satisfy them all. Our web development services include but are not limited to:

  • • Web development
  • • Creative designs
  • • Focus on mobile friendly technologies
  • • Budget friendly solutions
  • • Website promotion and marketing — on demand
  • • Technical and customer support — on demand

What are the benefits and advantages of working with software development firm?

  • • Quality. We understand that modern users are demanding and used to getting excellent user experience. When working on project development for our clients, we take it into account and always strive to produce the best possible results.
  • • Efficiency. web development and web design teams are dedicated not only to quality but also to deadlines and efficiency. Our website development process includes 7 + 3 phases, from wireframes and choosing technology to marketing and customer support.
  • • Flexibility. Here at Codcow we work with different technologies and design approaches. The technologies we work with include Sitecore, Magento, Drupal, WebModulite, WordPress, and Joomla. Thus, our clients can choose what is best for them.
  • • Budget friendly prices. Website development pricing depends on a number of factors. With our web development model, we can offer our clients flexible pricing options and budget friendly web development results.
  • • Support. At the launch phase, our work is not over. Besides development itself, we provide marketing services, technical support and customer support.